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John Morgan - 2015 Vice President

Focus - Cichlids and Guppies

Hello everyone and thanks for having me in your club I really enjoy being a part of it and meeting all the members I will try not to let you all down. I Had my first tank as a kid and was immediately hooked, one tank lead to many others and I bred lots of general fish growing up shopping at Martins Aquarium where I found myself amazed with all the fish and could not get enough of them all then I use to take all the fry in for store credit and then buy more fish I thought that was awesome.

I then got married and was too busy and have been out of the hobby till about two and a half years ago. My wife was encouraging me to get a tank. Little did she know it would lead to a house full of tanks. I decided to make a fish room and little did I know I was going to spill over into her side with her help buying me a tank for Christmas from Mark Denaro bringing me to 15 tanks . I have been keeping cichlids of all kinds, my favorite was Aulonocara blue neon peacock that got me hooked, a stunning fish with awesome colors. There are so many different fish I like. Some make jokes about my guppies, however I like to be diverse. I have been trying out plants in two tanks and I do have interest in a salt water tank just need learn more before taking the dip I tend to rush things that led to 3 failed attempts. Going to the meetings I did not realize how much you learn at the meetings and then the members all are so helpful also.

Mary Maffei

Focus - Cichlids

Growing up, my family always had a small community tank with guppies and tetras. I always enjoyed the excitement of seeing tiny babies, but never knew the process. As I grew older, I lost interest in fish tanks and focused on school. As an adult I stayed busy working and beginning college. It wasn't until I met my boyfriend, Chuck, that got me back into fish and deeper into the hobby.

When we first met, he had a 29 gallon community tank for his daughter and a 120 gallon tank empty. Together we took a trip to buy 3 piranhas to put in it and my interest started, but not in piranhas. Watching how fierce they were was not the kind of fish I wanted. We had gotten a 29 gallon tank and stand from my mom and were trying to decide what kind of fish to stock it with. Chuck had previous experience with cichlids, so that was my introduction to a new kind of fish. I always enjoyed watching fish grow, so I chose a few juveniles with varying colors to put in the 29 gallon tank. Years down the road and three homes after, Chuck had bought me a tank to call my own. I got a 55 gallon and had bought a breeding pair of of zebras. They bred within a couple weeks and my fascination with breeding began. For Chuck's birthday, I had bought him a 40 gallon breeder so that he can create his own aquarium. With Cichlids of Pennsylvania, I headed to a couple group buys and we stocked our tanks with cichlids from different lakes. I liked Malawi and Chuck was more into Tanganyika. The breeding began so we needed to buy more tanks. On a third floor apartment, we had my 55 gallon,two 40 breeders, and five 10 gallon tanks used for growing fry.

Just this August,we had to move and decided to try and sell off all of our stock so that the fish wouldn’t die in transport. After moving and selling a majority of the fish, we only set up a 40 breeder for our leftover stock. Once we got settled in,bigger tanks were bought and more tanks got set up. Currently we have two 40 breeders, a 125 gallon and a 150 gallon . We are slowly stocking up our tanks and have taken advantage of all BCAS has to offer. From monthly meeting silent auctions and group trips to good quality breeders,our huge tanks are slowly helping fish find new homes. I love everything the club has to offer and really enjoy the many perks offered. Every monthly meeting, I get to spend time with fellow hobbyist and learn more information about my new acquired hobby. This year I am secretary of BCAS and will aid in keeping the club organized. I am looking forward to a great year filled with fun and friendship.

Bob Viviano

Focus - Planted Freshwater

In some form or another I've been keeping fish for 25 years. Starting with a goldfish and a kuhli loach in a ten gallon tank to a 75 gallon reef to my current fixation, planted tanks. My current tanks range in size from two gallons all the way up to 210 gallons. I took a break from multiple tanks in college with a single ten gallon and they only multiplied from there when I got my own house. Currently running are multiple small tanks, eight gallon celestial pearl danio tank, 75 gallon black water tank, 210 gallon high tech planted tank, and a 37 gallon reef tank in the works.

Specs on the 210g tank:

  • Fluval FX6 canister (barrel?) filter
  • Aqualife 8 lamp T5HO fixture
  • 240 pounds of Eco-complete black
  • Plumbed for easy draining and filling

CO2 setup:

  • 5lb CO2 tank
  • Azoo regulator with solenoid
  • Rex Grigg reactor (3" PVC x 24" tall)
  • Penn Plax Cascade 500 driving everything

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